About us

We're a small team of developers with more than 10 years of experience in IT.
Passion might be the most accurate word when it comes to define our mind about new technologies.
Another one is quality-minded: each idea deserves it's own time to be developped, improved, validated and tested thoroughly.
Finally respect means a lot to us: every user contacting us gets an answer and we don't build ad-bloated apps for the sake of money. Your satisfaction means a lot to us.

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About our work

We work remotely: we're living in a connected world and we love it! Let's take full advantage of what it offers in terms of flexibility and convenience to our lives.
We eat our own dogfood everyday, so users expectations are ours too. We believe it makes our products better and drives us towards a better understanding of the market. And above it all, it makes us willing to improve them as much as you do!

About you

Now, you know us (at least to some extent), but we still don't know anything about you! Feeling the urge to remedy that ?
To contact us about any of our apps (bug report, idea submission, feature request), please use the appropriate email address or web tracker available on the respective product page.
If you want to express how much you love us, (or for any other positive purpose it might be ;), feel free to contact us at: